You can arrange for a course to be delivered to your fee earners within your office. This has the advantage of reducing the time wasted away from the desk in travelling and allows you to dictate the content or combine some external training with a get together of your fee earners or department. Popular subjects include a Topical Round Up of current Issues in either residential property but courses aimed at particular areas of relevance for your Firm can be arranged.

In house fees will depend on the time required in both research and delivery. To purchase a uniquely tailored training day for one off use you will need to budget for £3000 plus VAT (ie 20 delegates @ £150 each.)

However it is often possible to build a day for your own use on existing modules which substantially reduces the cost. If a mainstream presentation is required such as Topical Residential Issues and you would like this to be held in your own office then the fee will be in the order of £1200 plus VAT (ie 20 delegates @ £60 each.)